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Friday, June 28, 2013

My pre order stock direct order from Korea finally arrived Malaysia...

Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence 150ml

Secret Key is another brand from Korea that i madly fall in love with.On my recent pre order direct from korea i order few of secret key products and after a week of using it,i realised it does delivery an amazing result.Their starting treatment essence which have the same effect as skii treatment essence is really an effective product.The first time after i applied it to my face,it feels so gentle if compared to my skii which tend to have a burning sensation the first time after using it.Secret key feels so soft n smooth on my face and i don't feel itchy at all maybe because it doesn't contain...

2.mineral oil
5.phenoxy alcohol

and the good thing is it also contain 90% of pitera and it has the double effects of whitening and wrinkle free,my face feels so bright and white and the funny thing when my friends started to comments how clear and very bright my skin is,they thought i was having a vitamin c injection.Secret Key price is so much cheaper than skii means i can saves a lot of money.Loved this product so much.....

Hello 2013.....

I guess it's still not too late for me to say hello to 2013,i've been busy lately,yeah i guess i was too tired to update this blog.Hmmm,recently i saw lots of people's viewing my blog,sorry for so long not updated it.This blog is mostly about beauty products that i used n found out how effective it is n sharing it with all the readers out stay tune with me....

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Missha time revolution the first treatment essence finally available in Malaysia... anyone interested?

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Through The Eyes Of Love

Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence

500000 thousands of bottles sold in just four months in Korea,this essence become a hit not just in Korea but also in Japan.The effect is same with SK-II but this essence is paraben free,colorants free,silicone free,alcohol free,fragrance free n mineral oil free plus it's certified by KFDA and dermatologist tested.Try it,u gonna love it as the prices of this 150ml essence is so much cheaper than SK-II.

For those interested to order,pls comments under.I'm selling it....

Saturday, November 3, 2012


I always wonder why those who used SK-II products have such a crystal glowing skin.Sheila Sim is the newest ambassador for SK-II,look at her skin,i really admire it very much,so crystal clear,glowing n radiant.So,i started my journey to used SK-II product,to explore the secrets behind the facial treatment essence...tadaaaaa...the results is there....